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Why is it that when the time comes to have a new passport (-sized) photograph taken, one's hair is always a disaster and one always sprouts three new spots the day before?

As if the picture wasn't traumatic enough (note to self: next time, follow on-screen instructions to adjust seat, rather than assuming it's fine the way it is, thus eliminating the possibility of appearing in photograph as though am actually squashed against the screen) ... £191.00 for a ten week travel pass borders on the ridiculous. So, armed with my new pass and shite picture, I waited for Laura and we got on our way to go visit some lovely old ladies she befriended during her nursing placement earlier this year. I had agreed to this last night, unfortunately -- when I wasn't aware that the weather would be so appalling. Today had to be one of the worst days we've had in recent months. Got absolutely drenched; ended up seeking refuge in what was surely the shittiest pub in Britain; lasted for only one drink before we decided that not even shelter from umbrella-breaking (yes) winds and heavy rain was worth the smell of piss and old men combined with a widescreen TV showing some kind of horseracing and ... the worst cocktail menu in the history of the world. Came back on the train and had a very late lunch. At 4.45pm. I got home at about half past six, and no sooner had I stepped through the front door, Emma called me to ask if I wanted to join her and Siobhan for a drink. I knew it. It happens every time. I felt I had to decline, since I couldn't face the thought of leaving the house again. Ugh. What a horrible day.

I've been in bed since 8pm, tucked up all nice and warm, since it's fucking freezing even with the heating on full. I watched 'I Heart Huckabees'. So funny. That film is so very random and totally stupid, but in a charming way.

Tomorrow is my first day back at uni. This year I'm studying Arts and Media Informatics, which is about computers, digital art, design, web development and programming (so shag me!) and Classical Civilisation, which is about, er, Greek and Roman shit. I was sort of hurried into choosing another class, since my original choice -- History of Art -- was fully booked for this semester. I'll do that some other time. I'm not picking up English until January, so I have a whole day off (yay!) every week, and my earliest class is at 2pm, as far as I'm aware.
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