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I really wish I felt well enough to go out tonight. I badly need a night out. Alas, I barely have enough energy to get dressed into something appropriate for going out. I'm feeling quite blah. I've been feeling lonely, since I've hardly left the house and haven't seen much of anyone but Laura, and so I've been spending a lot of time on the phone to cure my boredom and strong feeling of disconnection from the world (not looking forward to my phone bill ...) but it's much nicer to have a friend present when you're feeling like shit, particularly if there is wine and gossip involved. And Laura is coming over tonight to drink lots of wine and do the obligatory gossip-and-bitch thing. Thank god. I need a big drink, immediately.

As for actually going out, it's my mum's birthday tomorrow so I'm sure we'll be doing something tomorrow night. I've made plans for a couple of 'short' lunches (has to be specified in advance, I feel, since ordinarily the vast majority of my lunches tend to run into liquid events, spanning an average of five hours each, and I just don't think I'd be able to handle that right now) on Sunday and during the week, and a big group of my friends are meeting for drinks on Monday evening, so I'll go along for a little while and see how that goes. At the very least, since it's a weekday, nothing will be open past 12, so that means I won't be in bed past 12.30, and that's much better than going out on a Friday after having not really gone out in almost three weeks and ending up accidentally rolling in at 3am.
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