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To do

There is so much stuff that I need to do. I just can't get myself motivated to actually do it. At least I'm thinking about it.

• Tidy my room (after last, unsuccessful attempt merely resulted in the production of several 'piles' of things on my floor; that's my way of kidding myself that I'm getting organised) ... or at least clear some sort of path so that the cable guy can get to the telly to upgrade my box to digital -- woo! ('Woo!' to digital; not cleaning)

• Rearrange my wardrobe. A once neat and tidy selection of hats, scarves, gloves, ties, belts and other random accessories on the shelving above my wardrobe is now merging into a disastrous -- although admittedly very colourful -- blur. Also, after father offered to put away my clean clothes a couple of weeks ago, there are t-shirts AND a pair of trousers hanging in my shirt compartment; a problem which should have been cleared up long ago. Should probably sort drawers and shoes too.

• Organise my desk. In an attempt not to permanently damage my spine as a result of sitting on my bed using a laptop for hours on end, I should probably fix my desk so that I can sit there and use my computer. Plus, this would mean I could look out of the window while I'm doing it. Might as well do a spot of spying while I'm at it. Included in this 'to do' is the scary, black ringbinder that I threw together a few months ago as a place to house all my bills, payslips from work, bank statements and letters relevent to those things. However, a few months down the line and it is, of course, all over the shop, so I'll have to put everything back in its correct place. I'm frightened to move it, however, as I know there's a wonderful chance that many thousands of bits of paper will fly out and smother me. Le sigh.

• Organise my iPod. Have just updated it with several podcasts which I'm looking forward to relaxing with later, but I can't help but feel that generally it's a bit of a mess. I think I may have to do the unspeakable and wipe it clean so that I can start all over again. It'll mean a lot of ripping CDs back into iTunes, but while I have the time to do it ...

And speaking of iPods, I'm most disheartened that Apple are still churning out new models every five minutes. I feel so behind the times. Although I still love my darling humble 20GB iPod, I must admit that I wish that I had a colour iPod Photo. 60GB would be nice. I feel so guilty. Ack, well, it'll never happen anyway. Not until they come down in price a little, anyway, and I feel more comfortable throwing mine away. *Whistles* And what is this Nano thing all about? I don't like the look of it. I can't believe they've stopped making the Mini only to replace it with this. And I won't even comment on the special edition Harry Potter 20GB model being advertised on Apple's website. There are hardly words.
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