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Economy toilet paper and more

Oh my. My mother has bought in a six-pack of economy-friendly loo roll. It is like sandpaper. Reminds me of the toilet paper provided in all Greek hotels and apartments, regardless of rating. And kind of makes me want to go on holiday, oddly enough. I must be desperate to get out of the country.

My new phone is annoying me. It claims to have the highest quality integrated digital camera and video recording device of any mobile phone; a claim which I fully believe, but combined with the MP3, radio and 100 million billion colour screen, the end result is a battery life of about five minutes. Grr. I wish these manufacturers would take into consideration the consumers who actually wish to use their products for making phone calls. What a shocking concept.

I am desperate for a fabulous night out with fabulous conversation and lots and lots and lots of drinks. I'm not sure when I'll get it, since I'm still not really fit to go out anywhere too adventurous. Soon, hopefully. I need to get drunk and hear funny stories.
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Hey, I followed your comments from glasgow and my journal, and friended you first!

If you're interested in coming in to glasgow, i am still looking for people to hang out with and I love a) getting drunk b) talking and c)funny stories.

Funny you mentioned Bubble Boy in your comment to my journal, I just watched it tonight (with the commentary - jake is hilarious and amazing!)

Hope to talk to you soon!

That sounds like a good idea. It's always better to get drunk and tell/hear funny stories in Glasgow than anywhere else around here!! Unfortunately I'm a bit under the weather right now, so I'm not really up for (or allowed to, hmph) going out anywhere, particularly drinking at night! But I would be interested in doing it as soon as I'm better!

You've put me in the mood to watch 'Bubble Boy'. =)

Do you use MSN? My address is if you want to add me.
cool entry made me smile :)
Hehe. And not even one of my more interesting entries. ;) =P